Some of the beautiful lines we have:

  • HB Henriot Quimper Faïence Pottery
  • Souleïado and Les Indiennes de Valdrôme provençal
    fabrics, placemats, tablecloths, napkins and accessories
    and silk, cotton and wool shawls
  • Les Authentiques de Combrichon traditional French wire
    baskets by Combrichon for fruits, baguettes, anything!
  • Beauvillé - Créateur par Tradition tea towels, tablecloths,
    napkins, placemats and runners
  • Le Jacquard Français tea towels, tablecloths, napkins,
    placemats and runners
  • Garnier Thiébaut tea towels, tablecloths, napkins, placemats
    and runners
  • Yves Delorme tea towels, tablecloths, napkins, placemats
    and runners
  • Tissage Moutet whimsical linens from in the Basque region of France
  • Fine faïence from Gien Paris, Lallier in Moustiers, and the
    Faïencerie d'Art de Malicorne in Malicorne
  • Pierre Frey Paris porcelain, handbags, pillows, accessories and fabrics
  • Biot on the Cote d'Azur fine blown glassware ---- the original bubble glassware
  • Mathias-Paris delicate fine blown glassware
  • Provençal pottery from T Comme Terre, L'Atelier du Sage, Anthéor, Christophe Pichon in Uzès, and the extraordinary terre mêlée faïence L'Atelier du Vieil Apt
  • Poët-Laval, Dieulefit, Vallauris, and Corsica potteries
  • Nicholas Mosse Irish Pottery , a beautiful, hand-thrown functional pottery in the style of traditional Irish spongeware
  • Gmundner Keramik Austrian pottery
  • Traditional Bulgarian pottery and Barakonyi Hungarian baking dishes
  • Laguiole, Nontron and Sabre French cutlery
  • Bougies la française candles
  • Point à la Ligne wonderfully colored tapers
  • La Pintade de Lussan provençal Guinea Hens
  • Louis Sicard factory provençal cicadas or cigales in ceramic
  • Carpentras woven wicker cicadas and steer heads
  • Provence Lavandes exquisite lavender wands
  • New Growth Designs and NDI extremely realistic faux flowers and plants
  • Vox Populi of Avignon fanciful lamp wire sculptures
  • Anel table and floor lamps
  • Petrusse of Bordeaux designed beautiful shawls
  • L'Atelier du Presbytère of Provence lovely small bags and purses, skirts, and wine, birthday and address books made of 19th century linens
  • Arterra les Santons de Provence and Santons Marcel Carbonel, Claude Carbonel and Sylvette Amy santons
  • Trompe l'oeil faïence from Figuères
  • We also have Bavarian hand-painted Pewter Christmas and Easter decorations from the family of Wilhelm Schweizer.